Home for a Rescued Dog:If you are considering opening your home to a rescued dog, it is quite a thoughtful approach. But, before you bring the rescue home, there are a few things that you need to do to make his transition into a new home as smooth as possible. The dog will need some time to adjust to the new environment. Apart from some common health supplements, as suggested by the veterinarian, such as vitamins, it is a good idea to put them on a daily CBD regimen. CBD oil for dogs will help them feel relaxed and comfortable while they settle in a new environment. Here are some other tips to ensure that the rescue dog settles in his new home comfortably –

Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Rescued Dog 13

Research the Breed

If you are considering bringing home a rescue, you should research on the particular breed that you want to bring home. If you mostly stay away most of the time during the day and a specific breed of dog needs regular exercise and playtime, they might not be a good fit for you. It is vital to find a breed that you can adequately care for and is perfect for your lifestyle, as well.

Pet-Proof Your HouseTips to Prepare Your Home for a Rescued Dog 14

Before you bring home the rescue, it is essential to put away your prized possessions. Ensure that the trash can and other cleaning supplies are put away so that the dog does not destroy or eat them. Do not leave things lying around that your rescue can get his mouth on. Use the closet space around the house to secure anything that the dog might get through. It is not just to prevent your dog from destroying things but will prevent him from ingesting things that can be harmful to him too.

Purchase Essential SuppliesTips to Prepare Your Home for a Rescued Dog 15Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Rescued Dog 16

Your newest addition to the family will need a lot of things once they arrive at your home. You need to be ready with all the necessary supplies. Some of the things that you need are dog food, treats, collar, leash bed, and toys, to welcome your new friend home. Check out the different dog food brands out there and then choose only the healthiest ones for your dog.

Proper Training

It is impossible to know what your rescue might have been through in their previous home. Most of the rescue dogs have never been with a dedicated pet parent. They might be suffering from some behavioral issues that were not addressed before. Thus, it is vital to Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Rescued Dog 17provide proper training so that they can channel their emotions in the right direction. If you are unable to handle the training on your own, it is a good idea to hire a professional dog trainer. For best results, you can administer CBD oil for dogs about an hour before the training starts so that the dog is calm during the entire process.

Proper Placement

If you already have another pet at home, you should place the food and water bowls of the rescue away from them. Some dogs might get anxious when they are around other animals, so it is best to keep them separated for a little while. Place their bed in a quiet and warm place where they can go if they feel overwhelmed. A separate area in the house will allow them to settle in the new environment much quicker.Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Rescued Dog 18

You should not expect the new dog to come and settle in immediately. Depending on the dog’s history, you will have to be patient and supportive throughout the whole transition period. The initial stage will be to know each other properly and making them as comfortable as possible.


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