Unlike Baby Boomers, Millennials find it harder to get married and start a family by the age of 30. With more empowerment given to women comes increased responsibilities too, meaning they are less likely to find the time for a committed relationship.Why Chickens Make Good Pets 1

Another reason why Millennials are not eager to start a family is the high cost of properties. Having their priorities shifted, the new generation is mainly seeking personal comfort and financial independency before thinking about getting married or having children.

Thus, the closest they will get to that is adopting a pet, often in the form of cats and dogs. Although adorable, these large pets are high-maintenance and will take the last drop of energy from their owners.

Between special grooming products and constant visits to the vet, large pets like cats and dogs also require plenty of space to stretch their paws, run, and play. So, why not consider other animals that don’t usually fall under the “pet” category, like chickens? As strange as it may sound, there are plenty of reasons to adopt a chicken as a pet.

They have individual personalities 

Chickens resemble cats and dogs alike in terms of behavior and personality, meaning they can be anything from friendly to brave, curious, bossy, loud, shy or extra energetic. By spending some alone time with these animals, you will soon get to learn their personalities and admire their individual features.

Why Chickens Make Good Pets 2

You may not be able to cuddle with them when you go to bed but they will surely long for your hugs when you wake up in the morning.

They are clean pets 

You won’t spend time potty training them simply because they won’t be living inside the house with you. This means that they won’t cause a mess, destroy your shoes, chew on your furniture or cables, and howl at the moon at midnight. Why Chickens Make Good Pets 3

On the contrary, chickens are clean animals that prefer foraging for their own meals as much as they prefer eating seeds. At silverlakefarms.com you will find a wide array of chicken food options, made of natural, non-GMO or organic ingredients that will provide all necessary nutrients and vitamins for your chickens to stay healthy and live a long life.

Nothing compares to fresh eggs Why Chickens Make Good Pets 4

Hens are amongst the only animals that don’t require a male to lay eggs, meaning you don’t have to wait for their mating season to taste their delicious eggs. And who wouldn’t want fresh eggs every single morning for breakfast?

Having a chicken as a pet will improve your diet by providing a healthy and clean source of proteins to strengthen your muscles and bones.

Eggs are also low in calories but rich in vitamins, minerals, and natural antioxidants that will keep you in good health and away from diseases or seasonal colds. And, with thousands of delicious recipes to try, why should you spend money on this ingredient when you can get it for free, courtesy of your pet?Why Chickens Make Good Pets 5

They are funny

A quick search on the web and you will see that chickens are as funny as other pets. They walk funny, run funny, and even make funny noises when they want to protect their territory. There is never a dull moment when you are around chickens, so make sure to always have the camera ready for some candid pics of your pet.

They are capable of great love

There are few feelings in the world that can compare to the one having a chicken fall asleep into your palms.

Ever since they are born, chickens need someone to pamper them and look after them, and you may be the right choice. Just like most other animals, they enjoy cuddling and petting, so make sure to surround them with your love. In return, you will receive a loyal animal that will most likely follow you around the household all day long.

Free fertilizerWhy Chickens Make Good Pets 6

Chicken poop has amazing soil fertilizing properties and, most importantly, it is 100% organic. You can use it to plant delicious veggies in your backyard and nourish them without using harsh or dangerous chemicals. All you have to do is let your chicken free range in the backyard and wear a pair of shoes to not step in it.

They can fight pests 

Ants, caterpillars, ticks, termites, grasshoppers, slugs, beetles, spiders, snails, centipedes, and even scorpions or flyer eggs – all these pests can seriously damage your crops and get inside your home, stinging or causing allergies. One easy way to get rid of them without investing in chemical substances and repellents is to let your chicken handle them.

Apart from seeds and food scraps, chickens will enjoy hunting for anything that moves in the grass and around the house. Let them control your pest problem while also exercising to stay healthy.





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