Do you have a dog that can’t jump into your SUV or you are pregnant, older and wouldn’t be able to climb into the SUV all by yourself? The SUV dog ramp offers an easy way to enter or exit the SUV safely without injuring themselves.

Here are some tips and ideas that can help you make the right choices when selecting SUV dog ramps;

Safety of the SUV dog ramps

Safety is the number one feature you must consider when considering SUV dog ramps. Remember, the dog ramp is not only important to get your dog into your SUV safely, but it must also be safe for humans too. Some dog ramps have caused injuries to some dog owners who pick up their dogs and get themselves injured especially when the dogs are too heavy. Your SUV ramp should have a safety release latch if possible, this will help you hold the ramp in place to prevent any accidental opening when using it.


The Dimensions

Aside from safety considerations, the measurements of SUV dog ramps are very important, when making your final choices. You need to measure the access point of your vehicle ahead of purchasing the dog ramp to get the right size.

The access point to your vehicle may be on top of the bumper, or the floor of the trunk or the floor of your vehicle’s backseat. You need to ensure that you measure the height of the access point and they use a tape measure to estimate the most comfortable angle that will be ideal for your dog to enter your SUV through the dog ramp. Look for a ramp that will meet up with your measurements and do not push the ability of your dog beyond its limit. Your dog will require a comfortable incline and a ramp that will be sturdy enough to handle their weights.

Go for the Gripping Surface SUV Ramps

It is important to choose a ramp with a gripping surface where your dog can grip efficiently and the friction between the surface and the feet of the dogs are reduced. If your ramp does not have a gripping surface, you may want to purchase a material you can spread on the surface for extra friction.

The Ramp Weight

Always keep the weight of a ramp in mind before purchasing it. It is better to choose a ramp that is lightweight and manageable for you to carry, however, you must avoid sacrificing quality, durability, and sturdiness for lightweight when making your choice. Always go for a balance of quality with weight.

Other Desirable Features You Should go For

You should consider an SUV ramp that can support dog weights of up to 150 lbs. The reason being that your dog may grow speedily while the SUV ramp lasts, hence you want to save money by not replacing the ramp frequently.  Ramps with rubber feet are normally more stable and more convenient for dogs, hence they should be considered when making your final choice. Some dog ramps can hold up to 300 lbs. which far better weight consideration for the dog ramp. For extra convenience, you may want to consider a dog ramp that folds into half for easy carriage and storage. An easy to clean SUV ramp is also important for easy maintenance.

You may also want to consider dog ramps with raised edges because they can help prevent slipping. For convenience sake, any dog ramp that comes with carpet thread should have a carpet that is removable and can be easily washed. A ramp with a free-standing weight will help the dog avoid any excessive wobbling and bending. Perhaps you may want to consider a dog ramp that comes with contrast markings that can guide your dog in the right direction. For your convenience, you may want to consider a ramp with a soft rubber grip handle.

Features You Should Avoid

Try and avoid ramps that are designed with all-plastic construction, such ramps may shift or break under constant usage, especially when used for heavy dogs. For convenience sake, you may want to avoid a dog ramp that can’t be used near car doors that don’t create up to 90-degree angles.



The SUV dog ramp should be easily stored at the back of your SUV. It will be much better if you can find a dog ramp that comes with adjustable length, just in case you need to use it for different cars on different occasions. The folding and unfolding positions in a dog ramp is a desirable feature and more importantly, you should consider a dog ramp with slip-resistance to protect your dog from falling off the ramp especially when the dog is quite slow. The price of a dog ramp should be a secondary feature to consider when making a final choice.


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