Top 8 Tips and Ideas for Pet Hair Removal

Aside from using a vacuum cleaner for pet hair removal, there are some other cleaning options you may want to consider. It is practically normal for cats and dogs to shed some hair, especially in summer and spring seasons when their coat thin more because of the hot weather. While some pet breeds are more prone to shedding larger volume of hair, others will only shed occasionally. Here are some tips and ideas on how to remove per hair especially from all surface of furniture, flooring and other home items;

Make Use of Texture Rubber Gloves

Your pet’s dander will accumulate easily on surfaces of carpet, couches and even pet’s bed. A vacuum cleaner for pet hair could be the easiest option but you may not have time to do that always. Slip a pair of textured rubber gloves in your right or left hand and wipe the glove across the surface with pet hair. The hair will loosen up and stick to the rubber gloves and you can easily throw the hair in trash can.

Apply Squeegee Brush on Carpets

It is quite easy to assume that your carpet is clean after you use a pet hair vacuum to clean it, but that is not always the case. You can run a squeegee brush across the entire surface area to capture those remaining tiny pet hairs left behind on the carpet.

Pick up the Hair with a Velcro

The Velcro is another option of removing pet hair from different surfaces. Velcro is designed to pick up any type of tiny fibers and such include pet hair. They are usually sold in large swatches and can be found at the local craft store. You can also consider using the bigger Velcro hair curler to achieve the maximum result in pet hair removal.

Make Use of Scrubbing Sponge

That sponge sitting idle in your kitchen sink can be more useful at home, especially in the removal of pet hair. If that sponge as a rough scouring area you can use it easily to clean and remove pet hair, especially on softer surfaces like upholstered furniture and carpet. Do not scrub the sponge too hard on any surface to avoid any damage.

Use A Lint Roller to Pick up the Hair

Though anything sticky should work on picking pet hair from different surfaces, the Lint roller is more effective in trapping those stray pet hair, most especially those that got stuck inside the sofa. Make sure you keep these Lint Roller nearby for a quick touch up inside the home. With Lint roller, you wouldn’t need to use pet vacuuming devices again.

Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are some of the best devices you can use to eliminate pet hair from a hard floor. The dryer sheet must be attached to a Swiffer or a similar duster mop for the best result. The Dryer sheets will naturally attract those pet hairs that accumulates along the corners of the hardwood floor and the baseboards.

Make Use of Rubber Broom Brush

If pet hair has become a constant problem in your home, you should consider investing in a pair of rubber broom brush. These are little nubbies that are very efficient in loosening up and collecting that unwanted dander on the furniture, carpet and other surfaces. You can put one rubber brook brush in your car because it is quite efficient for car interiors.

Make Use of Wet Hands

If you are in a hurry, you may consider using your wet hand and then rub them across the area where there is pet hair, for a quick elimination. Make sure you wipe the surface area in a downward motion and you will see how the hair starts clinging to your hand in ball-likeshapes. Once you have removed the hair, simply discard them into a trash can and wash your hair with a soap or detergent and clean water. You can repeat this step several times by switching from one surface to the other until all the pet hair has been removed.



There are lots of options when it comes to removing pet hair from your home but it is equally important that you groom your pet regularly, to reduce hair shedding. You need to prevent the situation from getting out of hand by scheduling regular pet grooming session for your pet at the veterinarian. When you schedule regular grooming, it will keep the coat of the pet lustrous and also helps the animal cut down on hair shedding.

If possible, you should consider covering your furniture with a thick fabric that can be easily removed, washed and dry. A healthy pet should shed very little or no hair, if you notice the animal is shedding more than necessary, you may have to conduct some medical test to ascertain the underlying condition.





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