We all want our pets to look lovely and their hair kempt all the time. Most pets have grooming anxiety. For that reason, they are likely to give you a tough time before you get them cleaned up. Some pets will become restless the moment they see water or grooming tools. That, however, does not mean that you need to abort your mission of keeping your pet well groomed. You, therefore, need to find ways in which you can make the grooming sessions less of a nightmare.

How to Keep My Pet Calm While Grooming? 11

The tips below will be useful in keeping your pet calm until the grooming session ends.

  1. Line brushing and getting rid of dead hair

The first step to keeping your pet calm while cleaning is to make the experience less painful. Also, psychologically preparing your dog is vital. You can do this by merely brushing him or untangling his fur. You can use a brush or get a vacuum comb. If it is not eliminated together with dirt, it may make their coat appear dull. Using a brush will give his coat a shiny finish.How to Keep My Pet Calm While Grooming? 12

Apart from getting rid of dead hair from your pet’s coat, brushing will also remove dandruff and dirt from the fur. If you do this, cleaning will be much more comfortable and will take a shorter time too. However, the chaos after brushing can annoy, pet hair a fine and you might end up finding hair in every corner of your house, get a robot to do the after grooming job , something like the roomba vacuum for pet hair, it is one of the best choices for every pet owner and makes the grooming experience pleasant.

  1. Treats

This is an old trick that will never disappoint. You can always get your pet to cooperate simply by giving him gifts. You can use treats to impact a dog’s behavior. If you notice that your dog gets stubborn and anxious when it is time to get clean, make sure that you always have treated with you during grooming time.

How to Keep My Pet Calm While Grooming? 13

Using treats will make your pet understand that grooming is not something unpleasant but good. If your dog lets you clean his ears peacefully, give him a treat. The next time you do it, you will realize that he will not protest. You do not need to use gifts forever while cleaning your pets. With time, he will take grooming time positively and at this point, you might no longer need the goodies.

  1. Provide a relaxed environment

Dogs love it when it is calm. If you are used to cleaning your dog with loud and crazy music playing from your Bluetooth speakers, then that might be one of the reasons why he does not fancy grooming time. Chaos tends to make pets nervous and anxious. With that, they will want to leave that environment.

How to Keep My Pet Calm While Grooming? 14

Soothing music will have a psychological impact on your pet, and it will help in keeping him calm and relaxed during the entire session. Pets love calmness, and if you can give that to them, they will in return give you an easy time.

  1. Make the experience comfortable for your pet

This goes all the way from not being hard on your pet if he misbehaves to using a non-slippery surface while cleaning him.  When your dog feels safe, you will not have to deal with their anxiety. The reverse is also true. No one wants to be somewhere or do something that makes them feel uncomfortable. This will also help in preventing accidents which might make your pet always anxious of getting cleaned.

How to Keep My Pet Calm While Grooming? 15

Do not scream at your pet if he protests, instead, show him affection and maybe give him a treat. That will make him associate cleaning with good things, and he will love getting groomed.

Pets need to be groomed regularly to keep them healthy and happy. Some, however, can show resistance. The tips above will make your grooming time more enjoyable.



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