Having a roach infestation in your house can be an absolute nightmare. Imagine opening your kitchen cabinet and finding it crawling with cockroaches, the sight itself is enough to put you into a frenzy.Roaches not only look filthy but they also carry germs with them wherever they crawl making you and your family prone to diseases.

Roaches generally tend to inhibit dark and damp places so you should always be lookout for this creepy crawlers in these places.

Now, there are many types of roach poison available in the market that can effectively remove a roach infestation, but if you have pets in your home, some of these poison can harm your pets as well.

Here, we will discuss ways in which you can get rid of roaches from your home without harming your pets.

  1. Seal the cracks

Cockroaches can enter your house very easily if they find any crack or fissures. Even a small crack can lead roaches into your home and before you know it a roach infestation has already taken place in your home.

There are many ways that roaches can enter your houses like cracks in walls or loose fittings in the windows and doors.

As a preventive measure you can seal these potential roach entrances so that there is no chance for these insects to get inside your home.

  1. Don’t let garbage sit in your home

Stale food and garbage is a big roach magnet, so do not let garbage sit in your home, as they can very easily attract the roaches.

Always keep your pet’s food in an air tight container and also keep sinks and kitchen counters clean of food morsels to avoid roach infestation.

Get rid of cardboard boxes and any kind of clutter. Cardboard boxes make for the perfect roach habitat and thus you should avoid keeping these boxes for a long time in your home.

Take your trash out in a garbage bag every night and do not keep it inside your house so as to avoid roaches.

  1. Baits

Cockroach baits that are available in the market are mostly pet safe and you can use them to remove roaches effectively without harming your pets.

Still if you want to be extra cautious for your pet’s well-being, you can put these baits in places where your pets can’t reach.

You can tuck them in the corners or under furniture where a pet cannot get into. Visit meepo.org to know more about the best roach baits in the market.

  1. Roach traps

Roach traps are easily available in the market and you can effectively use them to get rid of roaches.

Buy a trap and put morsels of food like crackers or bread or any moist food, this will attract the roaches to the trap and once you have caught a few of these filthy brown insects, you can get rid of them easily.

Keep the traps in the places where the roaches are most likely to crawl and soon these traps will capture these roaches and you can dispose them off.

  1. Boric acid

Boric acid can effectively remove roaches and is also a pet safe measure to remove these insects.

Your pet would rarely eat the boric acid and even if it does eat a small amount it won’t hurt your pets. In fact most of the pet friendly roach baits available in the market have boric acid as an active ingredient.

Place boric acid in cracks and fissures in your home and places where roaches likely crawl. The acid attaches to the body of the roach and is ingested when the roach is grooming, thus effectively removing roach infestation in your house.


Final Words

Roaches are very filthy insects that can cause allergic reactions and carry germs with them in your house making it unhealthy for your family and your pets.

These pet friendly measures will help you prevent and get rid of a roach infestation without causing any kind of harm to your furry friends.








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