Are you planning on adopting a puppy or dog? That’s great! Before you head to your local animal shelter, though, continue reading to learn about a few of the things that you should do before and shortly after you bring your new furry best friend home.

Search for the Right Pet Insurance Plan

Investing in insurance for pets is a great way to have greater peace of mind throughout your pet’s lifetime, as this insurance can help cover the cost of veterinary care so you won’t have to break the bank when giving your pooch the high-quality veterinary treatments that are necessary to maintain their health. There are a lot of dog insurance policies to choose from, and finding the one that suits your needs the best can be difficult. Do your research and browse the offerings the providers have and choose the most relevant to your dog. In the UK, insurance provider, Everypaw only provide two kinds of insurance, Lifetime and Maximum Benefit. Each is then broken down into individual plans with set amounts to cover any conditions or claims. You just select the one that suited you and your circumstances the most.  You want to weigh the pros and cons of different providers and policies, and make the decision that’s in the best interest of your pet.. Then, after you’ve adopted your pet, make an appointment to have your dog examined by a vet. If you adopted a puppy, making plans to spay or neuter your pooch should also be on your agenda.

Purchase All Necessary Food and Supplies in Advance

Before bringing your pooch home, head to your local pet store to purchase all of the food and supplies that you will need in order to make your new friend feel comfortable and safe in his new surroundings. High quality dog food and treats will ensure your pet will get the nutrition necessary to look and feel great. Various toys, including puzzle toys, will help keep your dog occupied and mentally stimulated. For safety, you will need a collar, ID tags, and leash. And if you are bringing home a puppy that needs to be potty trained, you can invest in puppy pads in case accidents happen.

Prepare Your Home for Your Pooch

To further prepare your home for your new pet, remove any items that may harm your companion, such as household cleaners that contain toxic ingredients, or small objects that may be ingested. It’s also a good idea to remove valuable or special items from the environment that your dog will be in, as there is a chance that he may chew on them and ruin them, especially if he is young and needs to be trained. Then, set up a private area of your house where your dog can get used to his surroundings with the least amount of stress. You might consider using a dog crate to give your pet his own den to relax in as well.

Adopting a dog can be super exciting, but there are steps that you should take first in order to fully prepare your home and your family for the new addition. With the right preparations, you will have everything that you need to care for your dog, without having to run out to the store at the last minute, and you can rest assured that you will be giving your new pet a chance to adjust stress-free.






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