I have never witnessed anything like this before. Not even in my wildest imagination. Is a Labrador scaring a bear? That and much more is visible in this video clip.

It happened between the early hours of the day. I decided to do a road walk when a black bear suddenly appeared out of the blue. My entire body vibrated from the shocked of this creature I have only seen on television. To my greatest surprise, Marvin ran straight towards the bear.

OMG!!! I shouted at me because of the fear of being noticed and attacked. Just like a dream, the bear withdrew gradually as Marvin the Labrador persistent attack continuously grew stronger.

It was not funny witnessing a fight between a dog and a bear. However, while panting as I got home, remembering the whole incident, I began to laugh at the scenario.

What would I have done if Marvin was not bold enough? What would have happened to me if it chased me? All this thought scared the hell out of me.

Marvin saved my life! I do not think I would be jogging during the early hours of the day as I was made to believe, bears come into the neighborhood during this season.

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