Title: How Do I get Emotional Support Animal Letter?

An emotional support animal or ESA can be almost any sort of animal. Dogs are the most common animals used as ESAs. These are animals that have the ability to provide therapeutic comfort to individuals suffering from anxiety, emotional or mental illness and depression. For the ones considering availing an emotional support animal, you remain protected under the Federal law. It is important for you to ensure ESA registration simply by getting an emotional support animal letter of prescription from a certified mental health expert.

Asking Your Doctor for an ESA Letter 1

The very first step that you need to take in availing your emotional support dog registration is by asking for an emotional support animal letter of prescription from your very own therapist or doctor. Make sure that the therapist or the doctor that you are seeing offers this service. It is necessary to communicate the condition of your mental health to your specialist and be completely transparent about your condition. This will help your doctor in having a clear understanding of your requirements. If approved by the therapist or the doctor, he or she will offer you with their official emotional support animal letter of prescription making your pet a certified ESA.

Asking Your Doctor for an ESA Letter 2

Qualifying for an ESA Letter

The inclusions of an emotional support animal letter are:

  • The signature and the letterhead of a mental health expert along with the date of issue of the letter.
  • The license type, license number, license date and the name of the state issuing the license for the mental health expert.
  • Acknowledgement that an individual is under the treatment of a certified doctor for a mental health problem featured in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
  • Description of any sort of prior treatment along with the procedure in which an ESA can assist in treating a said condition.

Asking Your Doctor for an ESA Letter 3ESAs take the health of their masters seriously and this is the reason why they are always in major demand among the mental health sufferers. Having your ESA at your side would help you in making a huge difference in your health condition and well-being. In case, you find that your doctor or therapist does not know about providing an ESA letter, there is nothing for you to worry. This is because you have always got the option of seeking the assistance of various online resources dealing in the provision of emotional support animal letters of prescription.