What an incredible act! Watching this video footage made me smile, laugh and think!

Who invented this hilarious competition? What would have inspired him or her? All these questions still beat my imagination.

As noticeable in the video, it was an indoor sports game with so many dignitaries in attendance. Some came to ease their stress; others came to support their team while a few persons were there to watch.

Apparently, the canine dogs danced and displayed different styles and techniques with their owners while the judges took notice of the flops, as well as their exceptional perfected skills.

It was entertaining, extraordinary and exposure to a grand spotlight for the beautiful canine trained dogs. To be candid, watching this video footage made me buy a canine dog.

However, in every competition, there must always be a winner. The canine dog that went home with the grand prize stole the show. What he did was amazing.

The dance and skills were astonishing. Oops!!! The way he walked a distance on his two feet, hopping is breathtaking.

Also, the costume by the elegant boss lady and coach made it seem like a magical display.

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