Dog lovers often tell anyone before they ask that their dogs are members of their nuclear family . But a gentleman,  BigDaws,  put this to the test in order to confirm the dept of this statement . So, off he went to the streets of Chicago with cash in hand to ask them if they would be willing to sell their dog to him for $100,000.  interestingly, he got heartwarming responses. However, one dad did surprised him. Be sure to watch through the video credits to see what the man’s wife had to say about it.

What would you do if a man in a suit approached you, offering you that amount of money in exchange for your beloved pet? The guy in this video decided to test the dog owners, by giving them a suitcase full of money and all they had to do is to give up their pup, hand over the leash and walk away.Would you ever consider selling your dog, even for a 100,000 dollars?

Watch this video to see if this guy has succeeded in his intention and if anyone agreed to give their sweet doggy. I must admit some of the reactions really surprised me.

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