Everyone talks about it, some sang about it and yet, many find it hard to understand what it all means.

In this video footage, Sally the big gigantic dog shows what puppy love is all about. As bold and beautiful as he is, Sally hardly barks but will attack anyone who strengthens his wonderful family. He is security conscious.

Fortunately for Sally, he has seen much of the outdoors and would not let his owner leave the house on the weekends because he wants to have a good quality family time with him.

Sally, pins him down to the bed with his weight and cuddles like never before. Each time the boss wants to get up, Sally gives him the kisses of a lifetime. What more does a man require than a good morning kisses and warm hugs?

Apparently, the huge dog and the man of the house has much caught up to do. He hardly comes home because of the long hours put into work.

Change your attitude and find time for your family and friends.

Please, share with colleagues, neighbors, friends as well as family, and save a home from crumbling.

Thanks a million.

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