Entertaining a little baby is relatively an easy feat. They like things that have plenty of color, they like it when they move and preferably to make some sort of a sound. As Dad tries to play with Baby, rattling his colorful plush toy, in comes Charlie the Beagle, snags the rattler out of dad’s hand and into his own bed. It is not surprise that Baby started crying – you would too if someone else took your toy from right in front of you.

Beagles are great for families with small children because they are playful and can be very affectionate around them. Thats why when Charlie heard the baby crying, he showed how sorry he was for taking his toy that he returned his rattler. Then he continued to bring him every toy he could find, even his ball and the Nintendo controller!

Charlie literally showered the baby with gifts to apologize! The look on the baby’s face says it all – what are these things? They are not my rattler. Charlie buried the baby in toys and dollies, then came back for a kiss. That was so sweet of him!

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