Most dogs love tennis balls, in fact just about any kind of ball, and this Golden Retriever is going to get the best day of his life. Gumbo the Golden Retriever is a lover of tennis balls. One day, his family decided to reward him with not one, or even two, but with 185 tennis balls of all different colors. He looks surprised at first when the tennis balls start dropping from the sky, but then he starts chasing and catching some of them, and ends up in a giant pile of the beloved toys.

Gumbo is a therapy dog so he loves helping people feel good, and so his family thought he deserved to feel good too. What could be more of a good feeling than to have hundreds of your favorite things to entertain you in a big surprise like all these tennis balls did for Gumbo.  We don’t know how the family arranged for this treat for their beautiful Golden Retriever pup, but I bet he remembers this day for years to come.

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