Scary movies are something some people like to watch, but we know that these flicks are not real. 

However, this brave English Bulldog must think the movie girl is real because he wants to protect her!

The dog is first laying on the bed watching the show as creepy music plays and a little girl is in her bed.

Then, when there appears to be some sort of danger coming, the girl on the screen sits up in bed clutching a toy and looks scared.

Enter our hero as the dog watching the movie suddenly jumps up and starts barking at the screen in an attempt to warn the little girl.

As the scary monster starts to put its hand on the girl, the dog gets even more tense and barks louder as if he could save her from her fate.

When the monster disappears, the dog sits quietly, but he is still watching the girl on the screen get out of bed and walk down the hallway.

This dog really gets into things that happen on the screen, but turns around to look when approached by his owner behind him. 

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