Some may call it howling, but this little French bulldog calls it beautiful music. 

She loves to sing to her owners and just can’t stop going and going and going.

She’s a cute little thing that loves sweet music and wants everyone to know it.

Even if some people would cover up their ears at this pup’s tune, it’s sweet tunes for this puppy.

Maybe the owner taught her to sing a doggy song, or maybe she just picked it up herself, but whatever the case she wants to share her enthusiasm with the world.

Her little mouth looks like an O and she throws her head up and wows the crowds with her sweet humming.

So, don’t cover your ears up in her presence because you might hurt her little dog feelings.

Instead, let’s cheer for this little pup and tell her she’s being a very good little dog.

Bring on the crowds to listen to her show of song and you won’t be disappointed. 

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