Dogs and cats are supposed to be big enemies, but this Sphynx kitten would call you out on that old myth. 

The Sphynx kitten is named Cheetah and she is absolutely in love with this English Bulldog named Simba.

She just can’t stop rubbing and loving on Simba even though the dog is just sitting there hanging his head and paying her no attention.

But Cheetah the cat is truly in love with her dog beau and she doesn’t seem to care if he returns her affections.

Rub, rub, rub, it is so cute when the cat just loves the dog from head to tail while the dog never moves an inch to reciprocate.

Her tail is up high which shows the cat is happy and sincere.

Maybe the dog is sad or maybe he just decides to put up with the cat’s love.

Whatever the case, this pair is so cute and the cat is so lovey.

You can tell she will never lose her love for Simba no matter what.

They set a great example for the world with their love and friendship. 

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