He sits on the cushion, gazing at the marvelous works of art and craft in the house. 

How magnificent to behold as he thought to himself.

What a voice!

Shouted Bodzie, the hound dog.

Surprise at how a fellow brother could sing to the sound of music became an issue.

I can do it!

He reasoned with his inner mind.

Quickly, he sang along with his fellow brother at the other end of the world.

The howling felt real.

It struck Bodzie that everything seemed strange.

What is the definition of music?

That is what this video clip intends viewers to identify.

However, Bodzie is a remarkable charming matured dog.

He is a great company anytime and day.

It is how hound dogs are programmed.

Naturally, they seek adventure and are a true idealist.

They are extremely protective of their boss no matter how terrible the case might be.

Music is life.

It is everything science can explain, yet how the tones compliment each other is something that needs deep understanding.

That was what Bodzie the hound felt as he sang with much joy in his heart.

Even under the watchful eyes of his boss. 

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