There is nothing like having a guardian angel around at all times. Giant schnauzer dogs are the best protector and a true friend. Don’t doubt this fact! 

According to this video clip, Giant Schnauzer dog portrays the characteristics and the quality of what their breeds are made of.

He cares, loves and behaves like the giant he is by protecting the beautiful little girl placed in his care everytime she runs towards the ocean.

However, because of their protective nature, the fiery temperament in them comes to play whenever there is an opposite face in the house.

More so, in the house, the giant schnauzer will make one safe.

How they make one never to feel or be alone, not even when one go to the bathroom is a mystery.

Like a dog, they are fun to be with, calculative, risk takers and compassionate is all in their DNA.

If one is ever seeking for a pet who will be the Big Bang, Giant Schnauzer dog is the best and will execute the job like no other.

Once again, do not ever doubt this fact.

Giant Schnauzer is simply the best protector dog there is. 

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