The hamster is a tiny little rodent animal that loves to explore his environment and do new things. 

Training a hamster is straightforward and easy, unlike some other animals.

In this video clip, One gets to see the adventurous encounter between Kate the golden hamster and Sherry the giant beagle as they mingle in harmony.

How complicated are the life of a beagle and a golden hamster relationship? It baffles me to see how they easily interact. How is this possible?

That a dog will freely play with a rodent and not kill it.

Seriously, cats are not the only one that finds it hard to co-exist with rodent-like one is made to believe.

However, such is life. There are certain persons whom we hate to the bone.

This video teaches one to show love and bring the enemy closer.

They might be smart, but watching over them closely makes them small before the eye.

Sherry, the Beagle, is loving, good looking, compassionate and a good listener.

From the video, one can observe the time and attention; Sherry gave Kate the golden hamster as she sang beautifully.

Kate’s voice is a golden tone one will never want to let fade easily.

Imagine the full concentration Sherry gave Kate? It must be inspiring. 

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