Rashford is a matured golden retriever. He sits on the mat in pains and tears. 

What sort of pain resides in the heart of Rashford? Why is he difficult all of a sudden? This I thought for some time with no definite answer on how he could swallow it all up.

In this video clip, there is a remarkable step that changed Rashford from the real homely and calm breed of golden dogs.

Notwithstanding, June remained at her designated post, looking at Rashford with contempt.

How is it possible, for a dog to know when to keep quiet? I call this question — “the quest.” People behave the way it pleases them. The golden retriever named Rashford is a seeker and an old retriever. No wonder he acts naturally.

It was no fault of Rashford! He also seemed to love the pacifier. Apparently, he never agreed to a peace treaty with the satisfaction and honor. Was he barking or humming to music?

Something triggered Rashford, He was rejected and not in the mood for prep talks. Also, Howling and groaning at the same time is ridiculous. Let us learn to stand firm as mature persons. 

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