What kills people’s time? What drives the brain always to be alert even when the body is

In this video clip, Justin the husky puppy dog joins the family for a ride to the grocery store.

What was Justin the little husky trying to prove to the family while sitting at the back for a long ride?

While was he struggling with sleep?

This questions though may seem foolish but needs answers.

To my very best of knowledge, Justin was tired.

He exhausted himself at home running from one spot to the other.

However, he was not going to stay put at home while everyone takes a ride around town.

Rather he will join in the adventure.

He loves the outdoors; it is in his DNA.

That is how most people are wired.

Nobody wants to be looked down upon.

Making history is in the nature of man.

It is natural for one, wanting to belong.

Justin is a good looking cute puppy with so much potential.

He is a soldier and will never sit quietly watching things but prefer participating in every little thing.

He wants to be loved by showing love even when tired.

He wants to be seen as being capable of taking charge.

How do you handle situations? Do you run or face it heads on?

If not, take a lesson today from Justin character and approach to life. 

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