Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one great, loving, adaptable dog ever known. They are always eager to learn, explore and experiment new things. 

It is in the nature of a corgi to watch and protect.

If one is ever in need of a dog that is easier to train and loveable, I advise he or she should get a corgi.

However, in this video clip, this Pembroke Welsh Corgi decides to enjoy himself after a long walk.

He sits on a hammock swinging from one end to the other.

How did he manage to accomplish such task? How did he climb the hammock? Why and what is his intention. This questions I cannot figure out.

Let’s face facts and call a spade a spade.

The corgi is just too incredibly intelligent and inquisitive.

It is a dog that never takes no for an answer.

Always determined, he sets a target for itself and amazingly achieve them.

How rough life must be is what we take shade on whenever we do not want to face the fact.

We make it our sanctuary when we get scared of falling. That should not be.

Let’s learn to own up to responsibilities and achieve greatness.

If the corgi can achieve the impossible, how much more we humans. 

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