Husky are wild and adventure seekers. Taming them is not an easy job to do, but the fun derived is a proper compensation. 

In this footage, Rolland the husky plays with his toy.

He practically explored his horizon but did not get enough of what he sought for.

Rolland, the husky, kept singing along and howling as he squeezed his squeaky toy while rolling on his bed.

Husky dogs are intelligent, adventurous, social, athletic, and so on.

Also, they can create trouble if not carefully handled.

Siberian Husky is good companion any day any time.

Having them around will always make one energetic mostly while walking them through the park.

Back to the video clip, Rolland, the husky is a bad ass dog.

Imagine the speed and accuracy in chasing after the squeaky toy of his.

Husky dogs are amazing and beautiful.

They are a rare gem that is needed in the house in as much as they are free loving dogs.

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