Mr. Black is eloquent and commands respect. He is the chief of the old block. As big as he is, the terrain is well known to him. 

Mr. Black is compassionate, hardworking and one of the best retrievers amongst retriever dogs ever alive.

In this video clip, Mr. Black seeks for more attention. Like I said earlier, he is the chief of the old block and commands respect.

From the video clip, Who is the boss? Who is in control of the situation? Mr. Black! Imagine the quick response to his call.

The character portrayed by Mr. Black the Labrador retriever, lives you to wonder why the belly massage? Is it that sensational? What benefits and contributions did is the belly massage to Mr. Black?

I guess a practical approach can only actualize the answer.

Lay on the sofa, bed, floor or anywhere that feels comfortable and call a mate to give you a belly massage for about 20 minutes.

How was it? Truth be told, the greed of wanting more came to play. Such is life and the nature of living things. Wow! I have set confusion and rational thinking in motion.

The truth is bitter and sweet at the same time. Mr. Black is only reasonable and realistic. 

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