Every baby gets happy over a new toy or clothes. However, Marshall is not pleased with this new development. 

How is reaction was is shown in extensively in this video clip?

Marshall is a spoiled brat who takes everything for granted.

The over pampered nature of his loving mother prompted this attitude of not being appreciative for the New sweater brought.

I believe he is a bulldog that loves being dirty. Why do I think so? It is quite simple.

He rolls on the floor with the newly bought sweater in protest.

With his loud vocal voice, he barks at the mother.

Also, with all the pampering and petting to take things easy, Marshall will not stop rolling on the beautiful bed of his.

What bothers me is, why roll on the beautifully dressed bed of his and not on the ordinary floor?

Practically, the same attitude is exhibited not only in kids but adults as well.

Adults may not roll on the ground like Marshall but will reject the gift bought with an open heart.

It is a bad character that needs to be checked.

It is immature and childish.

Please avoid it totally from today. 

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