I never believed Louis Black, a five weeks old French bulldog is a living animal. 

From the footage attached, it is easier to notice the coolest nature of a natural newborn taking a warm bath in the freezing weather.

Louis Black is a cute little boy with so much potential.

He is stable and can take in as much pain and compassion for his owner and family.

He is calm and cool headed.

Psychological, it is easier to know a potentially good dog, and it is most prized hidden talents within the first three months of their birth.

This little French bulldog, called Louis Black is no exception with how he stayed put while being showered with water.

The first 60 seconds will thrill one with a wandering spirit. Is he alive? What kind of dog is this?

This question will create coax until Louis Black is turned to get washed.

What is different this time? Yep!

He moves his hands and feet.

It is easier for one to believe that Black is a living dog and a real puppy.

This is truly impressive!

If this short and precise footage of Louis Black captivated and aroused the visual and thinking attitude in you. 

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