Every child loves to play with his or her toys. How do they find this toys entertaining, that they would not let go baffles my imagination? 

This adorable video, explains how it is like on the first day.

I mean, how it is on the very first day with the newly bought toys at your disposal.

Looking back to my childhood memories, I was not this crazy about toys.

Maybe because I did not know because of my humble background.

Fortunately, toys help keep children engaged.

This adorable, beautiful looking puppy bulldog is excited about his toys, that is why he kept jumping from one place to another.

He enjoyed the squeaky audible voice of his toy and wanted more.

It is often said, “that life is not a bed of roses.”

I entirely agree with the quote.

However, how does this quote concern the topic of discussion?

It is quite simple. One should never take for granted the toys life offers him or her.

Confused? OK! The good things of life never last forever.

There is bound to be famine.

The earlier one adapt to the toys he or she has like a baby, the better things will turn out to be. 

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