Sitting on the floor with a deep thought on what life would be if he was a super star everyone goes crazy to see. 

As he thought to himself, smile enveloped his face. Wow! This will make Alicia want me. I would not lose her to that traitor called Julius he assured himself…

In this video, Jeff the English bulldog demonstrates his talent. He wants more. He aspires for fame and fortune.

Why is he doing this?

As earlier written, it was for beautiful, charming Alicia.

For Alicia, Jeff stood on stage singing the very best of a love song he has composed and practically practiced for some days.

Truly, love is sweet and makes one do the unexpected.

It ignites the very best in one’s life.

However, Alicia never changed her perspective towards Jeff.

She wanted more from a man.

Jeff apparently is not capable of satisfying her passionate desire.

Though it was disappointing and painful for Jeff, it was for the very best.

Imagine what the marriage would be like if things changed because of compromise.

What will the union look like? Will it have a stand to the very end? Food for thought. 

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