I have seen so many things in life, and this is not one of them. How can he be so cruel? That is how Husky are wired. They do wired things that are unimaginable. 

In this video clip, the Husky looks earnestly at the rookie chicken as she brags with confidence.

The husky tried as much as he could to remain patient but couldn’t hold it any longer.

Quickly, he bounces on the squeaky audible chicken, grabs it with his hands as he bites to tear off its head.

In retaliation, the loud audible toy chicken begs to be saved from the claws of the husky dog who wishes her demise.

It is how the world is programmed.

Love and hate, positive and negative.

One survives by understanding time and season.

Understanding the feelings of the other person to avoid problems is necessary for a relationship.

Times are hard, and situations seem unfavorable this day.

However, we must learn self-control and be cautious of people around.

If one is not careful, he or she might end up dead or broken.

To be warned is to be forearmed. 

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