How does the sun affect one’s day?

The very first answer that comes to the mind of people that do not cherish the heat of the sun would lament and echo; thirst and dehydration! Yes! That is true. 

However, it is a necessity of life for a healthy living.

This short video clip shows the nature of living things in general.

Though it pictures an English bulldog drinking from a sprinkler with so much concentration.

Although he drinks with passion, it is vivid that the bulldog is exhausted. Why is he exhausted? I believe it is due to the weather. Isn’t it so?

The giant, strong and thick bulldog relaxes at the backyard of the house, as the sun set crawl towards his stand.

Not minding the heat and stress he has passed through during the early hours of the day, the English bulldog launches at the sprinkler with an opened mouth as he zips in water and spits out some.

Having a very good time, he takes a shower, embracing the wind and the sun. Life is good, he said to himself.

Is life good? What is your purpose in life? How do you relax?

Dwell on this questions and find a way out for yourself this summer. 

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