With age comes experience. Charlie Wilson, the beagle, can never ask for more with the joy and happiness received over the years. 

In this video clip, Charlie Wilson shows extensively some few tricks attained in life.

He demonstrates to the world that what a human being can do, he can do even much better.

Imagine the balance on an exercise ball.

I really can’t do what he did.

The balance on the skateboard as he rides from one end of the street to another is impressive.

He is a true athlete.

Sincerely, how many old folks can ride a skateboard or an exercise ball? Charlie Wilson is something else.

I have never seen a dog skate entirely without troubles or support before, and Charlie made a believer out of me.

What problems makes things difficult to accomplish? Why is it that humans see possible things as impossible? This mentality should change for the better.

Take a risk and achieve amazing stuff like Charlie Wilson.

One should explore every opportunity tossed at his or her feet.

Be adventurous and happy at all times.

Life is too short to dwell in regret.

Take a step of faith today and ride life like a skateboard. 

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