There is a legend in every man. Likewise, there is a remarkable legend in every dog. What do I mean? Permit me the opportunity to introduce a living legend named Charlie! 

Charlie was not born a gambler but had the talent in him.

He had to be taught the tricks involved and the quality of patience to achieve excellence.

That is what is viewable in this video clip. However, it is more than that. It not only about being patient. It took Charlie time and courage to overcome failure.

He had faith in himself and went all the way to the end.

Charlie, the beagle, is a champ in the field and cannot be dumped by the corner.

Charlie is like few people.

Losing is not an option and should never be if one wants to climb the ladder of success.

To attain distinction in life, One needs to focus, believe in his or her capabilities and work towards achieving the set goals.

Remember, that it takes time and patience to achieve the set goals. No man is an island.

Everyman is born equal but is differentiated by achievements in life. 

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