The Jack Russell terrier are a small smart breed of dog. They are energetic, athletic, intelligent, stubborn and beautiful with a very long lifespan. Their ability to bark loud is remarkable. 

In this video clip, Terry the Jack Russell terrier challenges a fellow terrier to a regional supremacy contest.

Frankly speaking, this fight is overrated.

The hipster robot dog is quite amazing and beautiful.

He responds quickly to Terry’s treat.

At the same time, he is not swayed by Terry the Jack Russell terrier loud vocal barks for one bit.

Sincerely speaking, this hipster robot is a keeper.

Permit me to use this scenario to propel certain circumstances one finds himself or herself, in the hurdles of life.

How does one face challenges?

Backing down is not and should never be an option.

One should emulate the good character of the hipster robot.

One should be steadfast and bold towards any difficulty life throws at one.

With equity, ingenuity, and transparency, one is bound to achieve greatness.

In essence, be bold as a lion.

Dominate and achieve amazing things no one can factor in a jiffy.

Life is too short to dwell on regrets, the past and mistakes made. Believe in yourself! 

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