Has there been any place in history where a Dachshund dog builds a house? 

It happened, and this video clip is a proof of what Lucious, a Dachshund did.

He began with sealing the deal with his employer, took a down payment for the job, and bid the boss goodbye after a handshake.

Lucious is as hardworking as Daschund with so much passion for the job.

How did he carry the bricks?

How did he know where to give a signature?

This and much more, I ask myself. There is no answer.

The truth is sincerely overrated.

If being given the opportunity to choose between Lucious and few thousands of dollars, believe it or not, I had stuck with Lucious the intelligent for he is far costly than silver or gold.

I bet he deserves to be placed in the world book of record.

Lucious is full of surprises and was incredibly well thought.

Dachshund is a rare gem if properly trained.

Who have a few questions to ask? OK!

Luscious is only twelve months old.

He can read.

They are truly loyal to each other.

Loyalty is what the majority craves for.

How surprised are you? 

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