Pugs are very accommodating of other dog breeds. In this video, Jane a little pug shows off. It is one of the traits of a pug. 

While Josh the golden retriever walks confidently around the house exploring the goodies life has to offer, Jane the pug seeks attention, barking at the stuffed pug.

Who is this beautiful girl in my room, Jane exclaimed!

Come down you coward she beckons to the stuffed pug in a protest for territorial supremacy.

Finally, the stuffed pug dog sits in the opposite direction to Jane who runs backward.

The stuffed pug sings in mockery.

Jane the all acclaimed compelling is frightened until Josh the golden bold, and beautiful retriever kicks it.

What! Shouted the dog. Quickly she bounced on the stuffed pug in anger. Lol..Now, that is what I call attitude.

Human is wired in such manner like Jane.

Always seeking for an opportunity to exhibit the hidden trait inside of them.

I only want to pass this message across – No matter how difficult it may seem; there is always a solution to every problem.

Believe in yourself and achieve the impossible! 

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