Have there ever been a time that walking on the same route became a treat? If so, be happy as it is a normal phenomenon, because there is a cowardly existence in every man. 

Never look down on yourself for being scared! Rather, embrace faith and hope for positive change.

In this video clip, Zoey a little pug cower in fear. He has never seen a plastic tin can in the kitchen before. It was strange to him.

What is this? The thought of something bad overwhelmed him.

He began to back as if he has seen a ghost. O My ball! Who will help get it? He wondered as he trembled walking backward.

The same fate Zoey experienced is noticeable with certain individuals.

Just as Zoey got help from his owner, people can seek out help.

Do not be ashamed to ask for help.

Confide in a reliable friend and that feeling of fear that overshadows your being will vanish like a thunderbolt. 

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