The Golden Retriever dog is an attention seeker. They are beautiful adorable breed of dog. They are stubborn, protective and have a long life span. 

Have there ever been a time the home was scattered and certain valuable destroyed?

If yes, then what the golden retriever dog did is similar.

Imagine being the owner of the house, coming home to find the entire backyard in total disarray.

What proper disciplinary action against the dog is good?

The most prized treasured retriever dog turned the backyard of its owner into a desolate habitat.

He made holes, ridges on the back yard field and tore down certain material just for been locked outside the house.

The retriever dog caused so much damage to the owner while he wasn’t home.

The painful part of the whole encounter, is that he showed no remorse concerning the incident.

This character can be found not only among children of this generation but even with certain grownups as well.

What do you think of it as an individual?

Is it worth letting go or administering punishment for misconduct.

If I am to decide on the matter, I will discipline the dog irrespective of his reasons in order to avoid future re-occurrence. 

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