Jethro is an adorable, beautiful, loving dog. He is truly loved which articulate it is amazing, caring nature towards people around him. 

Jethro has a heart of gold. He is as pure in heart as the color of his skin.

What is this video clip trying to teach? Is it just viewed for fun or to get excited?

Alternatively, was it displayed for the sole purpose of learning something one might need?

Whatever the answer might be, smiling is the most efficient medicine for good health.

It makes everyone happy, young and attractive to each other.

There are people all around the world with series of the unfortunate problem.

However, many have lived through it and conquered exclusively.

Permit me to say: variety is the spice of life.

Keep up with the smile and experience the secret of getting younger every day with the burden lifted.

If you are pleased not only with the video clip but with this article, then SHARE with a loved one and ignite the passion in them. 

Keep their dreams alive. Give them a reason to hope. Bring out the smile in them. Someone out there deserve better. He or she needs to be told. Life is fun only if we utilize it to our advantage.

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