There is a need for someone to lean on. Someone who can be called upon anytime and feels relaxed. 

This video clip shows what true friendship is all about.

It explains how Angus the golden retriever “trust” his owner. A twelve-month-old dog who is dedicated to adventure and trying out new things was only made possible because he had developed a good relationship with his owner.

What kind of relationship does one build with his or her spouse, friends, family and people around? Do they trust wholeheartedly? Can they take a risk just because they are asked to?

If not, then all one need is retraced his or her steps and build a stronger relationship from today.

Learn to trust that judgment and partner.

Calculating risk involved before taking the step of faith most times deprive one of adventure.

There is a need to explore individual desires one have created in the inner mind.

The desire to try new things but find it difficult most times just because one have got no support. Truth be told henceforth. It is not always about the money. 

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