This video clip shows how much life is worth. It goes to show how one is to coexist together as one irrespective of religion, tribe or background. 

Thorin, a black canine dog, did not look at his height or race.

However, with so much joy and happiness, he showed love and care for the ducklings as they walked around the house exploring everywhere.

Thorin did not get jealous or got angry and killed the ducklings walking around his territory.

Rather, he accommodated them all.

That is how everyone should view each other.

There is need to shun racial discrimination and uphold true love and hospitality at all times.

There should be a common ground, where one can live in peace, share strength as well as commune with one another.

If one can coexist with his fellow humans without looking at the differences, one will go the extra mile and make this world a better place not only for himself or herself but the future generations yet unborn.

No two persons are born alike. Everyone has his or her faults.

However, the earlier one work on it, the better things will turn out to be.

Let’s emulate the sound character of Thorin the canine and shut evil out of our lives.

Let’s give the children something to think about by making them know it is not how the painted looks that count, but how we view the painting that matters most. 

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