There can never be anything good from this unity, protested the goose to the bully dog Edward. 

In this video clip, Edward continually threatens the peace of the goose.

He requested an open hand of friendship, but the goose, knowing fully well that there can never be anything good from the union, kept pushing him away.

Edward, the dog, never considered the goose an enemy.

If he had at one point or the other, he would have chopped off the goose’s head.

Edward tried his best, but the goose want nothing to do with him.

At last, he gave up.

He was exhausted, and could not believe the goose actions towards his kind gesture.

He walked away in despair, crossing to the other side of the road.

The goose exclaimed – I am free at last! I can walk freely without looking over my shoulder, said the goose to himself.

How can I be friends with Edward, the bully? What will people think of me? He thought to himself. I did the right thing!

The goose assured himself as he walked out from the corner of the road in delight, stretching his hands while walking home. 

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