This video clip shows Rocky a baby boy of two filled with so much joy as he tells his buddy
(Jessie the big dog) with water. 

It was a sunny day in Chicago. The parents of Rocky needed a family time out to the park. They needed quality family time.

They thought to themselves, how can we bring joy not to only yourself, but to our adorable son too!

The notion quickly hit them like a tornado. Give Rocky a spray bottle as he loves working with his hands.

It was well anticipated as Rocky began working the fingers, he could not stop laughing.

This is fun; he thought to himself as he continually sprays Jessie who loved it.

Rocky is happy; the parents were happy, and Jessie was happy as well.

It was a well-planned trip for the family.

How often do you have quality family time? How often do you spend time with your family and friends?

If you lack behind, please make time today and plan a surprise family time with your family and friends.

Go on vacation and experience Mother Nature.

Take the bold step, and you will never regret you did. 

Please SHARE with someone today. You never can tell who needs a family vacation more.
Thank you.

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