Kids love to play with toy cars and dogs love to play with kids.

So, this pair of a Labrador and his boy are precious indeed. 

The lab is very patient as the little boy runs his car all over her stomach.

It is like getting a belly rub, so the dog is happy and occasionally sneezes in excitement.

She never moves much as the child plays on her belly.

The boy is pretty gentle too, and never hurts his big buddy with the toy car.

It’s always nice when dogs and kids are taught to play gentle with each other.

This boy is going to likely grow up to be a great dog lover and teach his own kids to play nice with pups.

And besides, the dog is just loving the unconventional belly rub! What could be better?

Kudos to mom for teaching her little boy to play nice with the dog and for training the dog to be nice too.

Dogs are great friends for children as long as this is done right. 

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