Who knows why, but this cute, little black and brown Dachshund puppy is going crazy because of the cardboard box he is walking all over. 

For some reason he is scratching the box with all his might and seems to desperately want to get rid of the black print on it.

He dashes all over the contents of the cardboard box and scratches it in several places, but mostly seems to not like the words written in black on the white box.

It seems strange he would hate those printed words, but what other reason would a dog keep scratching at them?

It’s possible that this little dog might have another reason for scratching on the box, but we surely don’t have a clue what it is.

Maybe he smells something on the box that he wants or thinks is in the box?

It is almost impossible to know what is going through the pup’s mind, too bad we can’t just ask him or help him get what he desires. 

All in all, the sweet little Dachshund puppy is going to get tired out pretty soon with all that scratching, so please SHARE his antics.

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