A lot of dogs would chase after baby ducklings and hurt them, but this wonderful German Shepherd is acting like a mother duck to these little ducklings. 

He nuzzles them and licks them and acts like he is counting them to make sure they are all there and doing well.

The ducklings are held between the dog’s paws and they seem to love the dog too, and don’t stray far from his guarding.

The ducklings are so cute and fluffy and the dog looks so bright and happy as their guardian.

Ducklings are small and they can get hurt very easily, but these ducklings don’t have to worry a bit since the German Shepherd is going to keep them as safe as possible.

We don’t know why the dog wants to be the mother to these ducklings, but he sure seems proud of himself.

Maybe his owner hatched out the baby ducklings and the dog was put in charge of them?

Or maybe something happened to the duck.

We will never know, but this dog is making sure they stay safe and sound. 

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