When hallways get waxed they become slippery and this German Shepherd seems to have experience with that because he is reluctant to walk down a slippery hallway. 

He peeks around the corner down the hall and is even scared of the floor when his owner tries to lead him down the offending hallway.

That might be what helps, because he finally starts to head down the offending hallway.

At first, he tries to stay on the rug in the middle of the hallway, but then he runs out of rug.

Then, the funny dog turns around backwards and tries to walk down the hallway that way.

When he gets to the end of the long hall, he slowly turns back around.

Then, he looks around to make sure where he is at, and seems relieved that the trek is done.

It’s funny to watch him slowly try to get down the hallway, but we are all happy when he makes it safe and sound.

Poor dog!

We all just want to hug him and carry him down the hall, but he is too big for that. 

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