We all know that dogs like to play with balls, but did you know crows do also? 

This dog and crow became friends after the dog’s owner found the crow as a baby in the woods and nursed it back to health.

Ever since, the crow and dog have been together and enjoy playing games like fetch the ping pong ball.

Here, the owner is tossing the ping pong ball around and the dog and crow are going after the ball.

The crow hops around and chases after the ball and the dog sometimes gets it or vice versa.

The crow pecks at the ball and makes it roll around the ground.

Then, he chases it and hops after it.

The crow seems to want the ball more than the dog!

The dog just tries to get it a few times, but the crow goes after the ball a lot more than the dog.

It’s fun to watch the pair of animals acting friendly to each other even though they are very different.

Not many dogs have a crow for a friend or vice versa. 

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