Tennis is a sport that a lot of humans watch, but in this video Barney, a 9-week-old Golden Retriever appears to really love watching the game. 

He seems mesmerized as he sits in front of a television and watches a Wimbledon tennis match.

He is totally staring at the screen and even moves his body to the action a few times as he is caught up in what is going on in the match.

When you think about it, tennis does have a ball and dogs do love tennis balls to play with.

Maybe he thinks the players on the screen will share their ball with him?

All we know is that Barney loves watching and won’t take his sweet puppy eyes off that TV screen.

If you want to spend time with him and it’s also game time, then you had better be a tennis fan so you can sit there and root for your favorite player with Barney the tennis loving pup. 

So, if you are a tennis fan or if you just want to watch Barney enjoy the sport, then SHARE this mesmerizing video with all the people in your office, school and home.

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