What could be more fun than being “attacked” by 10 little Golden Retriever puppies. 

This video makes me jealous of the man in it who gets to play with all these cute and chubby pups.

They bombard him with all their little puppy feet and puppy kisses.

He is “stuck” on the ground and can’t get away from the crowd of pups.

It really looks fun to me!

They say happiness is a warm puppy, so it must be super happiness to have 10 warm puppies all over your body.

Puppies are cute and loveable and these pups sure meet those standards.

I bet when the time comes to give them up to new owners when they get adopted will make this guy sad.

No more “dog piles” to have fun with and no more mountains of puppies to jump on you or kiss you madly.

I would sure miss pups like this.

Puppies are so loveable and they usually love everyone and these pups sure love the person they are jumping on. 

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